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Apple has released a new ad for the Apple Vision Pro on its official YouTube channel, showing the various ways that the headset can incorporate spatial computing into the wearer's environment.

'Hello Apple Vision Pro' ad spot
'Hello Apple Vision Pro' ad spot

Posted to the official Apple YouTube channel on Sunday, the minute-long ad spot titled "Hello Apple Vision Pro" starts off by showing a man putting on the headset for the start of the working day. After donning the device, eye tracking and a finger pinch is used to open up Keynote, before Messages is brought into view.

The video then shifts to a man watching a movie on a couch, making the screen bigger with a gesture. The rest of the commercial shows other situations where the headset could be useful, including a FaceTime call, a man viewing a panorama, and a woman blocking out her surroundings while on a plane to watch a film without distractions.

Throughout the spot, the users are shown to see their local environment, including working on a Magic Keyboard and playing soccer with a child.

At the end, a close-up of the EyeSight feature is depicted, as the man sticks his tongue out at his daughter.

Accompanied throughout by Roger Hodgson's "Dreamer," the ad concludes in typical Apple fashion with the Apple logo.

The ad spot appears less than a week before the first Apple Vision Pro headsets reach consumer hands and heads on February 2.

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Bart Y


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    Beautiful Ad- esp the last few seconds !

    9secondkox2Bart Ywatto_cobra
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    eriamjheriamjh Posts: 1,686member
    So... Wednesday or Thursday the YT-wh0re vids will be out?
    edited January 28 watto_cobra
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    eriamjh said:
    So... Wednesday or Thursday the YT-wh0re vids will be out?
    LMAO! Yes, it seems the YT prozzies will be out in full force this week as is the norm with new products.
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    That was one of the most effective ads I've seen from Apple – and by far the most effective ad in the VR space.
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    thttht Posts: 5,542member
    Thinking about these advertisements from Apple, I have a hard time believing Apple would drop EyeSight in a cheaper visionOS product, like a "Vision Air" product for $1500. I think a $1500 Vision Air would have EyeSight.

    EyeSight as a feature is a huge advertising advantage. Looks to be a marketing coup. It makes the device more personable than the blank plate with holes that other headsets have. With a doubling in lenticular array density and better Persona training, the illusion will get better, and if so, that's a big feature for normalizing the use of a headset in public situations. That has to happen to be able sell millions at ASPs of $2000.

    Apple's kind of stuck in a box. They promise not to use plastic anymore, so a plastic frame and plastic front pane is out of the question? It would make it lighter and cheaper, but it is plastic which they have promised to minimize as much as possible. So thinner glass and thinner aluminum frame is the only real answer there.

    They can stick with the dual loop band and get rid of the big solo knit band. That shaves off $100. Don't ship with a power adaptor, polishing cloth, front cover, entra liner. Another $100. Use 3K miniLED or OLED displays. Maybe $500 less than the microOLEDs? Use an A17 Pro instead of an M2. Get rid of the motorized IPD feature and use manual. Consolidate cameras and sensors to fewer, more wide angle ones. $500 to $1000 has to be made up in component cost decreases from mass economies of scale.
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    MacProMacPro Posts: 19,784member
    I thought that was Leon Russel for a moment!
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