Firewall like ZoneAlarm?

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I am looking for i firewall, where the app pops up to tell me tha a program i trying to connect to the internet and then lets me decide to allow or deny. Does it exist on Mac OS X ?




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    There isn't anything for Mac OS X that is quite as in-your-face with firewall "deny"s as ZoneAlarm (something I'm actually happy about).

    Mac OS X's own built-in firewall is more than sufficient, though, IMO. The only problem is that the interface to it which Apple provides has only dumbed-down, novice controls. I very much recommend the app BrickHouse to setup and control the built-in firewall. It has a nice log viewer that you might find handy.

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    You should look at "Little Snitch"... it presents a message everytime an application attempts to access a URL or IP Address. Youu then have an opportunity to "Allow Once", "Deny Once" or setup a "rule" to manage the app.

    Its a great little program that integrate into the system preferences.

    Here's the <a href="">LINK</a>.
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    sjksjk Posts: 603member
    Firewalk X 2 might be worthwhile.
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