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I've noticed a lot of computer cafe types playing counter strike on the PC is this game on the drawing board for the MAC ?If so will you be able to compete against the PC crowd online?


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    Counter Strike was/is a mod for Half Life which never quite made it to the Mac, and has been a sore subject for many a mac gamers. I'm one of the few people that actually played the mac port - no I don't have a copy, and even if I did, you couldn't have it

    Cross your fingers for Half Life 2 on the mac though...
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    The tale of Half-Life, ugh. Goes like this...Sierra (publisher of Half-Life and many other games) left the Mac years ago.

    In 1998, when the iMac was a huge hit, they decided that maybe it was time to give the Mac a go. Instead of selling the code to Westlake or Asypr for a Mac port, they did an inhouse port of Caesar III, a mediocre realtime strategy game. It didn't sell well (mostly because it wasn't a very good game) but it made Sierra very nervous about the prospects of the Mac market.

    Meanwhile over at Valve (developer of Half-Life), they had one very frustrated programmer working on porting the game to the 'classic' Mac OS. Apparently (?) he able to convince the suits at Sierra and Valve not to bother with a Mac port. He also wrote a very abusive 'open email' to Mac gamers, insulting their platform of choice and their perceived lack of talent at FPS, which the programmer had discerned from using GameRanger for a few hours. This email was published all over the 'net, touching off PC/Mac flamewars.

    Valve are not the most talented programmers around. In addition to the Mac fiasco, they had a similar screwup with a Dreamcast version of Half-Life, which caused Dreamcasts to overheat (!) and never hit the market. And then there's Team Fortress 2, which is up there with Duke Nukem Forever for "most perpetually delayed title in history."

    Hopefully they will just sell the code to Aspyr this time for a Mac OS port...
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    Gizzmonic, are you referring to the letter from Gabe Newell, the Valve executive or is there another one? (Maccentral article here). It doesn't seem that abusive, it just cites the small Mac games market (at the time) and gamer disappointment due to lower investment/extras.
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    One of the main reasons why Half-Life was never fully ported was because the PC version's netcode relied heavily on DirectX which is PC-only. Because of this, there could be no cross platform multiplayer support, so Sierra/Valve didn't think it would sell well without that support.

    So, even if it was ported to the Mac, you wouldn't be able to play with your PC-using buddies.
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    dstranathandstranathan Posts: 1,715member

    Makes CS look like Mrs. Pac-Man.
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    The Inevitable is correct. The main reason the project got canned was because of the lack of netplay support.

    We had a thread on AI about this just about a year ago where I provided some information from one of the programmers actually working on the port. Search the archives in General Discussion...
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