deep throat

in General Discussion edited January 2014
the great white whale of my youth, deep throat, has been, yet again ceremoniously uncovered by students from the university of illinois. (with prof. bill gaines, who i think won a pulitzer when he was a reporter for the tribune)

their conclusion is that it was white house council fred fielding. it makes sense that it would be a lawyer, i've always thought so by his or her reluctance to step forward and accept a grateful nations huzzahs and hearty handshakes. (alliteration dedicated to spiro) after all it could be grounds for disbarment.

so add his name to al haig, pat buchanan (who has some great stuff on the website, gave the class some interesting direction) diane sawyer (an intern in the nixon administration) patrick grey, the list goes on.

it's hard to enumerate the reasons watergate was so significant in my life, but it's the reason i'm a liberal, cynical, fatalist, and willing to buy into any conspiracy theory out there.

however the biggest lesson watergate taught me is that our country works. we changed regimes without firing a shot, as it were. and whether you're liberal or conservative, no matter how shitty today is, you will live to see the day when you can stick it back to the other guy.

anyway who do you think deep throat was?


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