new orleans jazz and heritage festival

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starts tomorrow, april 24th!

the best fest in the world. anybody going? who do you want to see? i haven't been since the children came along. (4 years)

i ache for a sausage bread, a blackened voodoo, and a stage that allen toussaint deems worthy to play.

then k-pauls for dinner, then wander around the quarter and watch the du monde for cafe' au lait and beignets

in the morning.......(sigh)

i wish i was in new orleans.............


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    Originally posted by superkarate monkeydeathcar

    starts tomorrow, april 24th!

    Damn you for reminding me. My plans to go were thwarted for the 5th (if not more) time in a row.

    Damn damn damn damn.

    I'll be at Bonnaroo though.
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