Cool directions for Panther or maybe .4, Likelyhood?

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It's interesting how even small evolutionary changes in an OS can seem somewhat revolutionary. Consider the current rumored features in panther...

1. Multiple User GUI. Ok, this is really catch-up since Micro$oft had if first, but still damn usefull and necessary for a shared computer (family and labs).

2. Portable User directory. As I understand it, there's some buzz that you will be able to put your home directory on a external disc and get full access simply by plugging it in. (Yeah, I know you can do this now, but it's not plug and play simple to the point where a school computer lab would allow it). Imagine it on an iPod!

3. Piles. Never thought of it, but it would be kinda cool to see similiar docs piled together in the doc. Maybe with mouse over they would spring apart or instantly sprout a pop up menu.

After reading about conquest on slashdot I wondered about the likelyhood of moving a lot of the hard disk file directory and possibly applications to ram. The possible benefits could be equivalent to the speed gains seen in Quartz Extreme. Consider...

Ram is cheap, why not load all or most frequent aps and the file directory in ram. Then navigating files and opening aps would be ram quick instead of hard disk quick.

The journaling file system could probably play in well with this scheme to ensure fidelity during a power disruption.

To be super slick it sounds like there would need to be some built in dedicated battery back up for the ram, but I'm sure with the journaling system appropriate precautions could be built in.


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    Maybe this post should go in the Mac OS X forum ?
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    ....and many of your points have been discussed ad infinitum in this thread among others.
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