LeBron James leaks return of Beats Pill speaker

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NBA superstar LeBron James was spotted at Saturday's playoff game in Denver sporting what appears to be a unreleased Pill speaker from Apple's Beats subsidiary.

LeBron James carries unreleased Beats Pill speaker

James was seen carrying a new version of the Pill speaker which features a lanyard. At present, the company doesn't have a single speaker featured on its website, having discontinued the last of its Pill models in early 2022.

The Pill line of Bluetooth speakers was first introduced in 2012. The Pill+ released in in 2015.

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In an Instagram reel posted by the LA Lakers, James can be seen arriving to the game in Denver. And, in the imagery, the branding is clear.

Any new Beats speaker is likely to sport a USB-C port and the latest Bluetooth technologies, along with revised sound and design. As this new Pill speaker hasn't yet been acknowledged by the company, pricing and a release date have not yet been revealed.

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    9secondkox29secondkox2 Posts: 2,777member
    Looks more like an intro than a leak. 
  • Reply 2 of 8
    chelinchelin Posts: 110member
    What do you call an intentional leak?
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    chasmchasm Posts: 3,337member
    chelin said:
    What do you call an intentional leak?
    "A leak."

    Companies leak their own products/services to the press all the time to build buzz. A leak does not have to be accidental or covert.

    This doesn't seem like an intentional leak to me, but influencers get products ahead of time either from the company directly or their PR agency to try out so their reviews/commentaries are ready right as the product is formally announced. LeBron got one because LeBron, and probably has no idea it's not officially out yet. He gets photographed every second he's out of his house.
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    40domi40domi Posts: 105member
    Only a certain type of person would walk around with a speaker dangling on a string.
    Sadly James falls into that category 😏
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    hexclockhexclock Posts: 1,264member
    The speaker looks like a giant tampon. 
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    more landfill junk. so much for being green 
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    michelb76michelb76 Posts: 637member
    It's only a leak if there will be consequences for James. Apple severely punishes leaks. So if nothing happens, it wasn't a leak.
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    michelb76 said:
    It's only a leak if there will be consequences for James. Apple severely punishes leaks. So if nothing happens, it wasn't a leak.
    Apple will either take away his ball, or write him a big, fat check.

    I suspect the latter. 😜
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