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Hi all

i've got a ibook G3 700 with 640MB Ram, laptop was bought in September.

It's been used pretty heavily since - as computers tend to be, otherwise i would have bought a cheap typewriter.

I've got a problem since a few days. I've noted the flat pane where my left hand stands is a bit hotter than it used to be, and the fan goes live more often as well... AND THEN:

- I've had a display problem a couple of times since yesterday evening: it's random & erratic: the image gets shaky, i've got black thin horizontal lines, for about 2-3 secs, then everything freezes, and the only solution is the Cmd-Ctrl-I/O reboot...

It scares me since i'm working on a big project, I would definitely not like to lose every data.

Besides making a backup (which I already did), what should I do ? and... what's happening to my machine ? Any diagnosis tool to suggest, action to take ?

in need of your help




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    it just happened again (well, for the 5th time since this morning) and I managed to make a screenshot.

    available here:


    it really looks like a display - video card related problem to me.

    What should i do ????


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    skalmanskalman Posts: 42member

    this is definitely a HW fault. I suggest that you use the machine until you get the lines and then run down with it to an AASP, that way you can show them the lines on the display after a couple of minutes work. Since you also have the screenshot it shouldn't be a problem to have this machine repaired within warranty.
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    overhopeoverhope Posts: 1,123member
    Sounds like the infamous iBook Lines of Doom: get it to the shop, there's not much you can do with this one...
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    after the major crash that killed the display, I sent it back to apple (still under warranty).

    They changed the mainboard. I don't want to know how much it costs them in shipment, workmanship, parts etc, but it must be close to half the price of the Ibook.

    Anyway, it went back, and works just fine. They even changed a broken key.

    They did the change quite well, didn't even lose my data. But it took them 3 weeks :-(
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