Falling US demand means an imminent international rollout for Apple Vision Pro

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Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo maintains that other countries will receive the Apple Vision Pro shortly, and says it's possible because US demand is weak.

Apple Vision Pro at Apple Park
Apple Vision Pro at Apple Park

In February 2024, Kuo noted that shipping times for the Apple Vision Pro had shortened significantly since the first few days. He concluded that this was because of how demand was low.

In a post on X, he said on Wednesday that he's still expecting international release just after WWDC.

Vision Pro
(WWDC 2024)202440-45

Vision Pro shipment survey update:
Shipments to non-U.S. markets, mainly the U.K., https://t.co/0tZdSlj7js

— (Ming-Chi Kuo) (@mingchikuo)
Ming-Chi Kuo

argues both that general demand continues to be low, but also that the initial early adopter demand was higher than expected. In his full blog post, he says that this early demand means that component suppliers have increased production from between 500,000 and 600,000 units to between 700,000 and 800,000 units for the year.

In a more obvious point than he usually makes, Kuo says that this increase in production is in order to reduce shipping times.

Kuo also points to a low return rate, backing up a previous report of just 1% of buyers returning the headset. Of those people, he says, fully one fifth returned the headset because they didn't know to set it up.

Kuo also states the obvious by reporting that Apple is collecting user feedback to help with its future Apple Vision Pro releases.

He has said in the past that the second Apple Vision Pro will go into mass production in 4Q25 or 1Q26. However, he also says that this release is about improving manufacturing, and a headset with new features may not be released until 2027.

Apple is expected to release an update to visionOS during WWDC 2024. The keynote will be streamed live on June 10.

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    NYC362NYC362 Posts: 91member
    This is less of some sort of amazing news leak then just pure common sense.

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    miiwtwomiiwtwo Posts: 58member
    what happen when the international demand falls too o:)
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    mikethemartianmikethemartian Posts: 1,429member
    miiwtwo said:
    what happen when the international demand falls too o:)
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    If demand in your home country is weaker than expected, then this would be a good reason not to roll out to other countries.

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    ravnorodomravnorodom Posts: 710member
    How about roll out to other countries with 4x cheaper price just like those U.S. pharmaceutical companies. 
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    flydogflydog Posts: 1,132member

    If demand in your home country is weaker than expected, then this would be a good reason not to roll out to other countries.

    Tell us you didn't read the article without actually saying it. 
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    charlesncharlesn Posts: 945member
    Kuo has really turned into an unreliable idiot who has been all over the place in his comments about Vision Pro. There was always going to be a very finite number of buyers for v1.0 of a device priced at $3500 that introduced an entirely new computing platform for which not much exclusive app development had been done--the type of development that would leverage its unique capabilities and justify the new platform. The fact that initial early adopter sales were much stronger than expected didn't necessarily mean that the finite number of possible buyers had grown--it's far more likely that anticipated first year sales were simply front-loaded rather than being spread more evenly throughout the year. In other words, a strong start with demand then dropping off significantly in its only country of launch so far, the U.S. This is called common sense and not news. Overall demand will pick up again as VP is launched in other countries, sparking another round of brisk early adopter sales that will then, you guessed it, fall off. Significant VP growth beyond early adopters will need to be powered by some combination of improved, less bulky equipment, more use cases for a much broader pool of buyers and better pricing. Apple is in this for the long haul, and while I'm tempted to say this is just the first inning of the VP game, it's not... this is only batting practice. 
    ronnspock1234mattbookairavon b7watto_cobra
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    This clown has been saying for months that an international release will happen around mid-year. Now he’s saying it is because sales are low?  Could it be that the plan was always for international expansion after WWDC?  Why does everything have to be a soap opera with this guy?
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    frogbatfrogbat Posts: 70member
    It's a niche product aimed at a very small market but don't think apple communicated this well enough. I'm curious what the impact the m4 will have on this product vis a vis the battery...
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    mattinozmattinoz Posts: 2,393member
    So low demand is causing Apple to roll out the device worldwide exactly when it was most likely to roll out worldwide 

    next so called pundits and YouTubers who was waste stock will be claiming low demand is forcing Apple to update to the  M4 exactly when logic would suggest they’d do it anyway 

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    blastdoorblastdoor Posts: 3,432member

    If demand in your home country is weaker than expected, then this would be a good reason not to roll out to other countries.

    So if you can't sell as many as expected you should sell nothing? 

    I think you need help. Here's a starting place:

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