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At last we know everything about Apple's AI moves -- or at least at lot more than we did. Looking at how it will impact the apps we rely on, here's what Apple Intelligence is going to mean for us all.

Man in futuristic helmet and goggles adjusts chin strap, wearing white protective suit with parachute, standing under an aircraft wing.
Craig Federighi buckles up, ready for Apple Intelligence

Maybe we'd guessed everything about Apple's more high-profile adoption of AI after years of quiet Machine Learning. Maybe there's still a lot left to find out -- and maybe we'll get used to the name "Apple Intelligence."

What's clear is that Apple has gone for AI every bit as much as predicted, and with every bit as much of a focus on security, privacy, and utility, as Apple always does. Apple AI may have ChatGPT plugged into it, but if anything is going to avoid AI hallucinations, it's Apple Intelligence.

Or so we believe. Right now we're taking a lot on trust because, unusually, the first betas of iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia are out but missing this most important feature. There is no Apple Intelligence in the current betas -- but there is still a lot to find and to enjoy, too.

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  • Reply 1 of 3
    eriamjheriamjh Posts: 1,689member
    I heard Craig's hair was the inspiration for the helmet he's wearing in that pic.
  • Reply 2 of 3
    sflocalsflocal Posts: 6,110member
    eriamjh said:
    I heard Craig's hair was the inspiration for the helmet he's wearing in that pic.
    I was cracking-up laughing at that hair-helmet, not to mention the "Hair Pro" app on the iPhone demo ("because it's science!").  I enjoyed Craig being a good sport about the humor.  His skydiving skit, and running down the stairs for the MacOS presentation was just great fun.  Good for him. :)
  • Reply 3 of 3
    chasmchasm Posts: 3,421member
    I enjoy the humour one finds in these Apple keynotes. It was a treat to see that (semi-retired) Phil Schiller was the pilot of the plane. I laughed at Craig's hair helmet, and his "hair app."
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