PowerBook 12" keyboard problems?

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The '2' key just fell off on my 12" PowerBook 12. It still works, only the plastic cap is missing. All it needs is stuck back on. I assume that an Apple Authorised Repair Centre is the place to go (tomorrow morning). If it happens again after three years of warranty is up I'm not bothered about doing it myself as this PowerBook will be ancient by then.

Interestingly, there appear to be holes beneath the membrance, possibly allowing light to shine through. The markings on the keys' caps allow light through. 8)

Has anyone else encountered this problem, or is this an isolated incident? Please don't turn this into a moan about build quality, scare story, etc...

Edit: should have made this a poll: will the technicians...
  • solution one: format my hard drive?

  • solution two: replace the motherboard?

  • replace the keyboard but take a week?

  • replace the keyboard with a cool light up one if I ask them nicely?

  • suspiciously have a jar of "PowerBook key glue" to hand?

Edit 2: it appears to clip, rather than glue, onto the scissor mechanism.


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    My footlong keyboard is solid as a rock (unless I have just jinxed myself).

    If you had started the poll I would have answered F) All of the above!
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    sebseb Posts: 676member
    Those keys are really easy to 'snap' back on. You might try doing it yourself before going all the way to the repair centre.

    If you take it in, they'll probably just snap a new one on if yours won't stay.

    They may have to replace the little white scissor piece that connects it to the keyboard. Check to see if their are two little 'sticks' on either side at the bottom of the scissor.

    also, check the bottom of the key. If it has two grooves and two clips and neither is damaged, you'll likely be able to snap it back on yourself.

    The grooves slide onto the two little 'sticks' and the clips attach to the top of the scissor.
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    stoostoo Posts: 1,490member
    It took me a few minutes to snap it back: the clips on the key were fine. The main problem was getting the scissor mechanism to stay up.
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