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Ok I am officially confused....Up till now, I've had no trouble posting or attaching images that I find on the internet, to these pages of Glory....but try as I might...I am having trouble using my own digital camera shots....very small files too.....!

What's Up ?

I've read & re-read FAQ & it says the administrator "may allow ?" blah de Blah......

So who should I speak too ? or what am I doing wrong ?


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    netromacnetromac Posts: 863member
    Strange. Haven't had any problems myself.
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    aquafireaquafire Posts: 2,758member

    Originally posted by NETROMac

    Strange. Haven't had any problems myself.

    Well as I clicked reply, I am looking in the bottom left corner & it says under forum rules :

    "You may not post attachments " ?

    which is really weird Because, now if I click the " Image" button it comes up with " http: fill in the space then close....such as this...

    And yet FAQ talks about clicking the "browse " button..But I can't find one related to the vB Code ?

    maybe a moderator will know ?

    Thanx anyway\
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    oops: testing
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    Some boards (not this one) will allow you to upload and display images (and sometimes other files).

    Most (like this one) will allow you to link to images hosted elsewhere e.g. a .mac account.
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    We do not allow members to upload images or other files to the AppleInsider server for hosting.

    Put them on another server (such as .Mac) and use the [img] tag to point to its URL.
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    aquafireaquafire Posts: 2,758member
    Thanx brad...I knew it had something to do with posting on from another internet site...but I wasn't too sure...

    So why don't you allow such postings off desktops anywaze?
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