Scratched 17 PowerBook

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Hey I got my 17 inch PB about 2 weeks ago and my friend accidently scraped the top of it against a sharp edge creating a nice sized gash on the top of it. Is there anything i can do (warranty or anything?) no damage done to the performance but the scratch is ugly and takes about 500 off resale value so is there anything i can do?


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    You can take it to an Apple Authorize Service Provider and ask them to replace the lid. I haven't worked for an AASP in years, so I've no idea what the price of that particular part is. That's your only option. This is not covered via the warranty.
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    loganlogan Posts: 284member
    Thanks for the quick reply. How should I go about reaching an authorized repair outlet? Should I call the Apple store directly first?
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    loganlogan Posts: 284member
    I'm desperate for help...
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    matsumatsu Posts: 6,558member
    Is it just a scratch or a deep groove?

    AASP will almost surely charge you an arm and a leg and you'll be no better off in terms of ROI, sure resale will go up again, but you'll have shelled out a lot to get the value back up.

    If it's just a scratch, you might want to just live with it untill you decide to sell it "as is"


    You could get a wicked paint job done to it and possibly make the resale value go up, and have a unique book.
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    loganlogan Posts: 284member
    The scratch starts on the apple logo and continues to the top edge of the lid. Most of it is just a scratch although where it first made contact is a little deeper than the rest of it.
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    loganlogan Posts: 284member
    Also, where could I get a paint job?
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