What will your kids/g-kids be learning?

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I've noticed that schools (at least around here) are having their students learn things at an earlier age then when we learned it, and this seems to be the general trend.

I've noticed my sister in 5th grade throughout her education was doing things slightly before we did them as I did it seems before my parents.

If this is true (which i'm pretty sure it is), it would seem that kids are having to learn more quicker then we did. When do you think they will get to the point where you can't teach them any more at that age. And do you think this is a good thing to do?

i know there is at least one teacher on these boards, i forget who it is, but your opinion would be nice (haha read it in the thread about drinking at work)


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    I'm hoping to adopt the opposite approach were kids basically stay in kindergarten till they are 7. Until that age they learn how to get on with others, play together, sing songs and other kindergarten style stuff.

    We're already at the stage were children are being expected to do stuff that they are simply not developmentally ready for.

    I've read that this model is promoted in some countries on the continent (Belgium?) and apparently they catch up and exceed our students by the time they reach their teens.
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