'UK' English text full of question marks?

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When reading UK-ish websites the text is practically always full of question marks ? instead of apostrophes ' ? Is there no text encoding I can use to avoid this when on UK-ish pages?

PS. Example can be found here

This also applies to Email I get from the UK


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    overhopeoverhope Posts: 1,123member
    At least in that particular case, it's crappy page-coding: it's down to this weird javascript they've got in the page which seems to have something to do with the adservers:


    targetLength = target.length;

    for(i=0; i<targetLength;i++)


    \ttarget = target.replace(" ","_");

    \ttarget = target.replace(",","_");

    \ttarget = target.replace("?","_");

    //\ttarget = target.replace("..",".");

    \ttarget = target.replace("'","_");


    I've just checked a couple of my own sites and they behave properly, largely due to... not having that stuff in the code.

    Not much you can do except mail them and point out that they goofed...
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    kelibkelib Posts: 740member
    Thanks mate, I've just mailed 'em. Hope they look at it.
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    kelibkelib Posts: 740member
    Mailed them yesterday and they answered me right away. Here's the answer:


    Thanks for the email. The problem has occurred and we're trying to fix it, but with over 50,000 pages in the website, published in various chunks, we have to work our way through it and republish as and when we can. We know it's there - it's just not as straightforward to fix as you'd think!


    Richard Dredge

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