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how good is inkwell handwriting recognition thats builtin with mac os x?

i was thinking this might be good getting a graphics tablet but i have VERY scruffy handwriting. wondering whether training is required or writing very formally perhaps to make sure it understands which letter you mean.

the site doesn't say much except how brilliant it is.

so has anyone used this feature? is it as good as it says it is?


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    kcmackcmac Posts: 1,051member
    I don't find it natural to write on one surface and watch another. I am hoping that Inkwell is intended for a device that will let you write on the screen or the same surface.

    Inkwell does not work for me nearly as well as handwriting recognition on my Newton 2100 and the ease of use is gone. I still can't figure out why Apple put this out so soon.
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