The prepatriarchial paradigm of context and Debordist image

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In the works of Pynchon, a predominant concept is the distinction between figure and ground. However, the premise of deconstructivist neocultural theory implies that reality is a product of the collective unconscious, given that art is distinct from consciousness. Many narratives concerning the common ground between class and society may be revealed.

In a sense, Lyotard promotes the use of the postcultural paradigm of narrative to deconstruct class divisions. The primary theme of the works of Pynchon is a mythopoetical totality.

Thus, the subject is contextualised into a constructive submaterialist theory that includes sexuality as a reality. Hamburger[1] suggests that we have to choose between the postcultural paradigm of narrative and the dialectic paradigm of narrative. However, if Debordist image holds, the works of Pynchon are not postmodern. A number of discourses concerning constructive submaterialist theory exist.


Check out the post modernism thesis generator. Basically it is a cgi script that randomly generates a postmodernism paper that is really funny to read. The really scary part of it is that some Universities have professors on their payroll who write stuff like this.

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    And that is all I can contribute.
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    calling pfflam, jack...
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    Well . . . I just skimmed super fast and your blurb is completely wrong about Pynchon: mythopoetic totality is exactly the oposite of what his work is after . . .allthough it does sorta says that schizophrenic-paranoia results in desparate attempts at mythopoetic totality . . . .*ehem* . . . .

    and besides teh "Debordist image" is a condition that we all undergo . . .not a theorist that can 'hold' or etc . . . From Guy Debord's Society of the Spectacle . .

    but yes . . ha ha . . . post-structuralist prose: all too easy to make fun of, and too hard to actually try and undesrtand
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    I fart in your general direction... Ooooops, you said "Pynchon" not "Python"... Nevermind.
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    I just updated the software paradigm on my iPod---does that count?
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    Hahaha...whew! When I first started reading the thread opener, I thought " way...ugh..." and my next impulse was to go "who turned pfflam loose? It's HIM...that's EXACTLY how he talks!!!"

    Glad to see that it is indeed a joke.

    BTW, that's no slam on pfflam...obviously a smart, enlightened fella.

    I just never know what the fück he's talking about. Ever.

    But I'd imagine he probably likes it that way.

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    Originally posted by pscates

    I just never know what the fück he's talking about. Ever.

    But I'd imagine he probably likes it that way.

    No, in all honesty I wish that you would understand me

    at least to make an effort to do so.
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    Lighten up, p. It's a joke. I'll decide when it's worth the "effort". \
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