Multiple Peripherals

in macOS edited January 2014

Having developed RSI in my hands from overuse, I have been forced to find alternate methods of input to my Apple computer. This includes the use of multiple devices to spread the workload around my body including trackballs, mice, jog wheels, and foot pedals.

Currently in OSX 10.2.x whenever you click and drag with one device and you touch another device during process the drag is terminated. This makes it impossible to use, for instance, a trackball-drag and a mouse-click, or a foot mouse-click and a mouse-drag.

I have contacted Apple Developers Connection and Kensington Peripherals (they were extremely sympathetic) about the problem and am exploring all avenues to raise awareness. Perhaps some Apple programmers frequent this forum also.

Any other suggestions for development channels would be appreciated. Thanks!


Bobby McAlister

music producer

Calgary, Canada

[email protected]


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