Sloooooow Internet Connection through XP router

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I own a 400Mhz TiBook running 10.2.5 and I also have a 512 Kbs cable internet connection. I can connect to the modem directly using ethernet and DHCP and everthing is just fine & dandy. However, I recently needed to make a small network by connecting a PC (running Windows XP) directly to the cable modem and then adding a second NIC to the PC. The TiBook was then plugged in to this second NIC. I used the 'home network' (or some such rubbish) wizard to set up the network. The PC connects to the modem using DHCP and works perfectly. The 'Internet Conection Sharing' built into XP then routes the connection to my TiBook using DHCP. Still with me? The problem is that the connection quality on my TiBook varies wildly. While bandwidth is not a problem (I get > 60 KB/s), latency is. If i try pinging, the results range from 1000 ms to 5000 ms, making my internet experience excruiciatingly painful . Before, without the XP box routing my connection, my pings were consistently low (~100 - 200 ms).

Any ideas where the problem lies? I don't think the cables are at fault (all used before & tested) - could it be the DHCP server running on the XP box? I really need to solve this as I can't really use the internet at an acceptable speed.


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    You might want to get a hub instead of just using the dual ethernet on the PC. I've found that PCs tend to hog bandwidth when using them on my home network - if I download something, everyone else's connection slows way down, even if downloading the same thing on a Mac at the same speed doesn't slow everyone down.
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