iTunes Coming To Windows And AOL?

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From MacRumors:

Fortune Magazine was apparently given an exclusive on the new iPods and Music Service.

They published a series of articles on Apple's new offerings, and provides some details and industry opinions of the planning and execution of the new service.

Of particular interest mentioned in the article are the economics of the endeavour -- with Apple paying the record companies an average of 65cents per track... as well as Apple's expansion into Windows.

According to the article, Apple is planning on introducing a Windows version of iTunes -- not only that, but it's also trying to land a deal in which AOL would adopt iTunes as its music management software... opening the doors to AOL's 26 million subscribers.


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    Now that would be some Cheddar right there. AOL users are notorious for buying stuff on a whim.

    I really believe that iTunes for Windows will be developed. Apple could have offered access to Windows from launch but they would have had to use Musicmatch or something. Now with iTunes PC Apple once again...controls the whole Widget.

    Nice..this could be a financial windfall for Apple.
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    Moving to Digital Hub.
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    frawgzfrawgz Posts: 547member
    Very inter-esting... I wonder if it will be free.
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    More fuel to the fire, from and Apple's job listings page;

    Apple Computer is looking for a Senior Software Engineer to design and build one of our newest Consumer Applications, iTunes for Windows. Must possess strong skills in the areas of application design, solid API design principles, user interface engineering, and have a strong understanding of customer and workflow issues. Experience with Windows logo certification preferred. Candidate should have a history of successful large volume consumer product shipment.
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