trackpad died, pls give me yr knowledge

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my trackpad died.

before I declare it a hardware problem and ship to apple, does anyone know if/what the cache and plist files are that I could try deleting?

also, is there a way to determine for sure which it is, either a hardware or software problem.

might there be a crash log that would somehow indicate that the trackpad app wasnt loading, or something like that?



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    der kopfder kopf Posts: 2,275member
    Look here and see my knowledge in this topic. You haven't mentioned your computer model though...

    Anyway, if it's a white iBook, or maybe a PowerBook, the prime question would be: have you/a technician recently installed an Airport card or RAM? There appears to be an issue with the iron wire that holds down the airport card and the printwire that runs from the trackpad to the motherboard. Anyway, look at my link, there's even a pic.

    The easiest way to determine if it's this hardware problem is (and it must easily be the most frequent), of course, opening the comp up and looking if you have the same issue.
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