OK. Who Wants To Sell Me Their Old, Lame 5 GB iPod?

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[email protected]

Let's talk about it.


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    _ alliance __ alliance _ Posts: 2,070member
    i'll take 350.
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    burningwheelburningwheel Posts: 1,827member
    i'll bet ebay is a good place to look
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    350 isn't that a lot of iPods!? I'll sell my 5 gig for 250. It's loaded with so many different kinds of music I guarantee at least a couple of your favorite songs are on there and you'll like at least a few gigs of it. Talk to me at AquaIX on AIM. My iPod comes with a case and the original earbuds.
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    Originally posted by dstranathan

    [email protected]

    Let's talk about it.


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