That 7 Year Old SJ Referred To In His Speech Programmed the Music Genres?

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Some of the artists in Vocal, Classical, Soundtracks and Jazz are all wrong. You need someone who knows all genres, not just current music, to put the artists in the proper listings.


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    curiousuburbcuriousuburb Posts: 3,325member
    or user customizable genre settings
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    kim kap solkim kap sol Posts: 2,987member
    What you need is a fishtank with a yam floatin' around in it.
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    nijiniji Posts: 288member
    actually, alot of the music is classified in more than one genre.

    i find this anoying, however, it is their marketing attempt to put more music in front of our eyes, and, it is due to the fact that only 200,000 songs is NOT alot.

    i have everything i need so far...i really need apple and the music labels to get more much more of music i have never heard or listened to in this catalog. THEN it will be truely revolutionary to bring new artists to us, in this music delivery system, and have the artists get paid for their work.

    dont steal music.
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