My email disappeared!!!

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OK. I earlier today I DLed the Quicktime 6.2 update, I then quit all my apps and restarted as is necessary. After that I DLed iTunes 4 and then forgot that I had never opened mail again (I usually leave it open and checking my mail every so often). So a few minutes ago I opened it. It asked for permission to access my keychain (which it should already have (permission that is), but some of my apps do that every now and again). So I gaveit permission, it opens up and one whole mailbox is missing! My .Mac account is still there and all the mail is there, but my opther account is gone. It's not in the accounts list in Preferences, and all of my mail is nowhere to be found. This is really distressing. Some of that mail's important. I don't understand. I can't figure out what would have done this. The only things I changeds were iTunes and QT. PLEASE HELP!


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    mbezzombezzo Posts: 72member
    Is your hard drive really full? Mac OS X does some really weird things if you are running with only a few hundred MB free. I've had similar things happen before. I never lost any mail though, it was all there after I added the account back in. Check your mail folder in ~Library/Mail/ All your accounts and older mail should be in there. You might have to import them back in
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    actually,m yes, my internal was all but a few hundred megs full. I transfered some stuff out to my external and have about a 1-2 gigs open now, hopefully that was all, and my mail will still be around somewhere
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