Lost AND frozen icons on desktop and dock?

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Hi, new to the forum, so forgive any dumbness.

I have a first gen Titanium Powerbook, G4-450 (I think, it was the first one to come out) and I'm running OS10.2.5. Recently, the icons on the desktop suddenly froze up and wouldn't move. Not that big a deal, except when copying files over the network, I couldn't move things either! Anyways, I ran a little program I found on the Apple discussion boards to unfreeze them. It didn't work, but now all the icons are blank docs and won't open their app when clicked.

Any ideas for me? I seem to remember there was something to type in the terminal to get them to unfreeze. Anyone know what that is?

Any way to get my icons back or do I have to reload system software?

Thanks in advance for any help!



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    This is a rare bug in the Finder, but when it surfaces, it can be a pain. I'm sure you know that much already.

    Go to the top-level Library and your home Library folders and delete the Caches folders from them both. Since you can't drag the folders to the trash, simply select the Caches icon and press apple-delete.


    After the initial reboot, you may should wait a minute after the first log in as the system recaches the icons. After a couple minutes (just take a guess), log out and log in again.

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    exact thing happened to me last week. ibrowse gave me the same advice brad is giving you, and it will fix it.
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