Deeply Embarrassed.

in Feedback edited January 2014
If you look in the Appleoutsider post you will see a title of "Saddam captured"

As I have said to a number of respondents, I meant for it to read as " When Saddam is captured "...

I went to edit said title, but it doesn't allow for a change of title.......Content Yes......Title No .....real embarrassing.

Second, I thought to delete & start all over again.

I clicked the box marked delete ( on the left ) then went to delete top right hand.

Page turned over & much to my suprise it said that I didn't have the right to delete the thread..Huh?

Then to make matters worse, when I went back to the normal appleoutsider page, there were two listings of the same topic.

I notice one has gone..Thanx moderator.

I sure wish to have the right to change the title of my own topic..especially as I could do without the heat. We're only human mosta the time....



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