quicktime stream problem

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hrm...ok..i have an old imac 333

i have 1mbit cable

i have all the latest qt 6.2pro on 10.2.5

iam behind airport...getting my ip via dhc

...i autoconfigured transport setup

when i click on any apple stream...it plays for 1second and THEN(!) it stops...>beachball of death...i have to force quit it

this is for awhile now..maybe a month or so...didnt bother with it

anyone know? any questions? a quick chat would be cool..my aim id is "[email protected]"

ill check here often too...but i think this may go under in these days...so dont hesitate and im me...thx..i love u


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    cyclecycle Posts: 187member
    ok..i got the answer....and NO ONE HELPED!!!

    u have to install the latest 3ivx codec ...4.0.3 ****s up ur qt
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