Tabs trouble in Safari

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My friend who is a recent switcher is having trouble with Safari beta 2. After installation, the tabs apparently dont work. I have given him all the advice I can as to what to do to fix this, including a complete wipe of safari and its files. He still maintains that tabs do not work, saying the tab option in the file menu isnt even there, but the about box says Safari 1.0 beta 2 (v73). He has a stock Rev A 17in iMac. Any suggestions?


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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    It's not in the file menu. Look here:

    1. "Safari" menu

    2. "Preferences" item

    2b. You could alternately press command-, (comma) to get there

    3. "Tabs" item

    4. Checkbox "Enable Tabbed Browsing"

    5. Make sure he's hitting command when he clicks a link if he wants tabs.
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