Recording field recordings into a digital device

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A few years ago I had a Minidisc portable recorder but was frustrated at how difficult it was to get recordings from it into the computer (you basically have to record them in realtime into the computer as if you have a cassette player - very medieval!)

I'm surprised the iPod hasn't got a microphone... can anyone recommend a professional device for recording high quality recordings which can then be transferred quickly into a Jaguar environment?

All these new NET Sony MDs look like they're PC only....

any help much appreciated!


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    der kopfder kopf Posts: 2,275member
    I guess the field is pretty limited. The best bet might be one of those Archos jukeboxen. The problem being that they come with USB 2 only. Meaning you'll be able to use it as a USB 1 device. Averaging, how much, about 4 to 5 MB/s. You can start calculating: one hour in CD-quality = 600 MB = 2 mins transfer. A lot less than 60 min, but still. And it's unlikely that you'll get speeds like that.

    [opinion]I think the man holding back USB 2.0 on Macs should be shot[/opinion]

    For the rest... it's a perfect little device. Lots bigger than an iPod, but still portable, and cheaper.
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