HELP! iMovie project Unreadable!!!

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I have been doing a Video for my perent's over the past 2 days (I took time of work to get it done), I was up to fiting in the titles, some subtitles and putting on the iDVD markers.

I come to open iMovie after lunch and it comes up with 'Your Project file is not readable' AGGG!

I have searched Apples site and only came up with this on the 'unoficial' iMovie FAQ which I have tried but my file has non of there problems.

anybody got any sugestions, or is it at least one days work down the pan?

Whish I knwe of this coruption problem, I would have made a backup of the damb file.

Here is the iMovie txt file if anybody want's to look.

(Yes this is a cross post from the MacNN DV forum, but I don't wont to miss a posible answer)


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    ansgaransgar Posts: 1member
    Hi Mediaman,

    I haven't had that problem myself but I read about it in forums. People suggested to check if all the frame statements (like frames, in and out) make sense and to correct them if neccessary. This might be some work.

    I would try the following:

    1. Make a copy of the projects directory and work on that copy only!!! (as I understand iMovie sheds all the material that it thinks it doesn't need anymore)

    2. Try in your project file if PlayHead: 0 works.

    I don't know if one has to set the file type of the project file to iMovie file after editing it with TextEdit or not. I'd do it. (using a demo of Super Get Info from

    3. In your project file with TextEdit try taking out half the clips until iMovie accepts the file again to narrow down which entry is corrupt.

    Consider: I am just starting to dig into that text file myself. So far I really do not have a very good idea what is going on there. But I thought I'd share my ideas with you anyways.

    Good luck. Ansgar
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    it's better to use BBEdit, than TextEdit, the first one does not change file type of the text file on "save". You can get BBEdit Lite for free at BareBonesSoftware.
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