Time to email the electronics companies

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Ok, I'm not one who is much for grassroots campaigns or barraging companies with emails.

Yet, I've emailed blaupunkt, alpine, kenwood et al asking them to include AAC cd support in their upcoming line of CD players (especially for cars).

Apparently, you can't burn mp3 CDs from downloaded AAC files - and that's ok. One can transmit the songs to the tuner/receiver via an iPod I guess.

But still, it would be great to be able to have a CD of 250 songs or so in AAC format (superior to mp3) and not have to take the iPod with you - cause maybe you just don't want to take it to the beach and you have a jeep (like me) and you don't want to leave it in a vehicle with windows that are attached with velcro and zippers.

So, let's email those suckers into action.

And be nice, for crying out loud.


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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,228member
    I've harrassed Phatnoise and will bug Audio Companies everytime I get the chance.

    AAC is open as long as a company pays the Decoder License fees.

    I think Apple needs to created a SDK that let's Companies use iTMS to sync to their products.
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