Moved: Philips to use OS X [rendezvous] for entertainment devices

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Part of Steve's Paris keynote (which I didn't catch live - was it even available?)

Here's a couple links to the announcement:

<a href=""; target="_blank">AFX</a>

<a href=""; target="_blank">IHT</a>

Numerous implications:

1) Apple enters the set-top-box market by proxy? Looks like the're taking on MS in another market that MS had hoped to dominate. Perhaps Apple sees this as a chance to compete with MS on equal footing in a new market - to revisit the OS wars of the 80s, but this time win?

2) Apple is licensing OS X! Perhaps the IBM OS X desktop systems aren't so farfetched?

3) Apple is lending its trademark to someone else's product. Perhaps this is the direction for many new iProducts (digital camera, phone/PDA, etc.) - made and marketed by others, but with an Apple logo affixed to it as well?

4) Perhaps this is related to the trademark application in the other thread?

Interesting food for thought, anyway.

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    Should read "Philips to use Rendezvous..." not "Philips to use OSX...." Big difference.
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    Yet another take on Convergence.

    We'll see. Honestly I'm like "ship it" announcements do me no good.

    Digital has made it possible to distribute data in amazing ways but as you can see(P2P) that road is not without it's faults.

    I think the typical consumer just wants things to become more simple to operate.

    Case in point-

    Many love the High Resolution of DVD-Audio and SACD but hate the idea of $helling out for 6 cables to connect them.

    Cable Boxes- Yet another piece of junk getting in the way of a clean A/V setup.

    Computers and A/V should converge but currently until Copyright and Encryption standards are created in a coherent and mutually beneficial manner convergence is going to move slow as molasses.

    Sure we can use nifty technology to hook things up but if the content providers balk at this then it's going to be stillborn.
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    This is about Rendezvous compatibility, which is always good news. But it belongs in General Discussion.

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