iBook 500 blues...

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So, I have my iBook 500/128/CD since late 2001. There is nothing wrong with it, except for the one thing that has bothered me since the first day - it is unacceptably slow.

What do I use it for? Basic internet stuff, full range of iApps, programming, and emulation. It's worthy to note that these iBooks booted to OS 9.2 by default. I feel as though it was meant to run OS9 and not X.

It's hard for me to point out the iBook's deficiencies, but it's just slow! I upgraded to 10.2, and things got snappier, but not by much. Some tasks are adequately fast, like web browsing, iTunes, or some MAME. But there are certain times when the OS gets a spinning 'beach ball' attack for no apparent reason. I find myself force-killing apps as a regular chore. Also, I'm not enjoying the benefits of 'Quartz Extreme' with a lowly 8mb Rage on-board. Not to mention the crippled 66MHz bus. All I know is, that my next laptop won't have a G3 inside.

Since the past year, I've found myself complaining more about the iBook's performance than getting any work done. It sleeps most of the time since I'd rather use my fast P4 desktop.

I have come down to this:

1. Add 512mb RAM- doubt it would do miracles, though


2. Replace it! with a PowerBook 12"? Centrino-based notebook?

Your input is appreciated


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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    I kinda in the same boat...I don't have an iBook, but I'm currently wondering which way to go in the area of Apple laptops. I've thought I'd be really happy with an iBook (and I probably would), but the more I think about OS X, iPhoto, heavy Illustrator use, etc. the more I think "is a PowerBook the answer?"

    Which is a shame, because it's $500 more bucks (from the 12" Combo Drive iBook to the 12" Combo Drive PowerBook).

    Crap, I don't know about me and my situation, but yours seems pretty clear-cut: you'd probably enjoy a G4-based laptop.

    Either that or one of the nice new iBooks? You'd go from 500MHz to 900MHz, 66MHz bus to 100MHz, 8MB VRAM to a Quartz Extreme-approved one of 32MB VRAM, larger hard drive, Combo Drive, etc.

    Either one probably performs quite a bit snappier than what you have, I'd imagine.

    Me? I waver back and forth EVERY SINGLE DAY!

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    chychchych Posts: 860member
    We have an iBook/500/640MB RAM and it's really slow in OS X as well. RAM won't really help that much, but a little. Not much you can really do, heh.

    New iBooks are quite snappy, just as snappy as my DP1250 tower. I think Quartz Extreme makes a huge difference too.
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    gordygordy Posts: 979member
    I can't offer any real insight, since my iBook 500 has served me well. Hovever, it seems that the 12" PB G4 should satisfy your needs. Appls like VPC (emulation?) are optimized for the velocity engine in the G4.

    Good luck.
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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    Adding 512 MB of RAM will not perform miracles, but it will help a LOT. My 800 MHz iBook went from nearly unusable to really zippy upon adding 512 MB of RAM. 128 MB just isn't enough. Even adding 256 MB will help a lot.
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    bagubagu Posts: 23member
    I'm going the whole mile and save up for a PB 12". If I keep the iBook, my negative perception of OSX will not get any better.

    I was unlucky to have the creaky hinge problem, for the first few months of ownership. As you know, if this problem is not treated, the hinge will start chewing on the LCD cable. I fixed it with an 'exercise' moving the lid carefully back and forth as you move it in smaller ranges until the creaking stops. And it worked! The problem is all in the hinge being diminutive, narrow, with little support while metals and plastics rub on each other. Nasty. I've always hated this hinge! Apple has probably fixed it by now. Which makes the PB 12" far more attractive, since it's (mostly) all metal with a WIDE hinge.

    Is the PB 12" hinge as sturdy as it looks? Smoother than the iBook?

    The other problem I had with my iBook, was the amber 'recharging' light from the AC adapter going bad. I've read about it at MacNN and at the knowledge base, but never got around to replace mine. What was the cause of it?

    Whatever I do, I'll get AppleCare next time. 8)
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