Exporting bookmarks from Safari?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Okay, my second stupid "how do I..." thread of the evening.

The title says it all: how do I export my Safari bookmarks?

Here's the deal: at home, I'm in OS X exclusively and use Safari exclusively...and I have a TON of bookmarks, all categorized and perfect.

I want these on my G4 at work, where I'm running OS 9.2.2. and using Internet Explorer to browse/surf.

I'm not the savviest guy going, but I've poked around Safari tonight looking for something obvious like, oh I don't know, "Export bookmarks..." and I can't seem to find anything.

Am I overlooking something or just asking something that can't be done? Don't make it complicated, okay? Just "yes, here's how..." or "no, you're S.O.L."

If I took my Safari bookmarks.plist file in, would Explorer import that? I just don't know this kind of stuff.
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