ibook 600 tv connector osx probelm

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when i connect my ibook to the a tv, my mac doesn't recocnize the tv... sometimes a logout-in helps, sometimes i need to restart... this happend first when i upgrated to jaguar. in os 9 it works still fine.

any suggestions?

rebooting sucks.



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    wagneritewagnerite Posts: 174member
    have you checked system preference > display?
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    dogmatixdogmatix Posts: 8member
    yupp, detect displays or changing reslolutions doesn't help...
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    wagneritewagnerite Posts: 174member
    how bout pushing the tip ring ring sleeve (1/8 inch) all the way in?

    i'm not trying to be a smart a$$, it's just that i'm a dumb a$$ and these are the things that i have missed
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    gordygordy Posts: 971member
    I had this problem with my iBook 500. If you're referring to the AV cable that goes into the headphone port, try this:

    Plug in the cable to the iBook & connect to the TV.

    Log out

    Log back in and it should be recognized

    Good luck. Check my topic in Apple's iBook Discussions on this topic. There are some other points there.

    Yep, it's a bug.
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    dogmatixdogmatix Posts: 8member
    i've tired logout/in before, sometimes it works, sometimes not... however, i've noticed when i'm pluggin in the power connector after the av cable.... well, sounds pretty stupid, but it works... at least the last 2 times i've tired.

    i guess i'll have to wait for panther... but i've heard that the new ibooks don't have this av connector any more... so is this bug ever going to be removed?



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