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my 3 month old iPod died yesterday afternoon. HDD failure. Anyone else seen this problem. I have the 10g solid state wheel. Sad faced mac came up when i had it plugged in. Is this common? I don't want it failing again in another 3 months.

Any comments on turn around time?


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    bungebunge Posts: 7,329member

    Originally posted by Sondjata

    Any comments on turn around time?

    When my battery when kaput, I was given a new machine when I walked in my local Apple Store. I don't know if you have one nearby, but it's quick.

    As for the unhappy face, I think you're just unlucky. If we ignore the battery difficulties a lot of people have had (that seem to have been fixed with a recent software update) the number of problems with the machines have been very small. As a matter of fact I've see a lot of stories about how durable the thing actually is.
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    sondjatasondjata Posts: 308member
    hmmmm I'm close to a tyces corner.. perhaps i'll make a little trip over there.
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    They don't replace the touchwheels in the stores. They may be able to order you one, but it would probably be quicker to just go the the ipod support page on apple's support site and get it serviced that way.

    Easier too.
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    sondjatasondjata Posts: 308member
    Thanks. I discovered that. Though I think for $400 bucks, I should have walked out with a brand spanking new one. Snd to be honest, with word on the shorter battery life, it would have been a downgrade to me.
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