One more reason why analysts suck

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From this brief article (found on MacSurfer):


AMD?s 64-bit Opteron processor is not the magic silver bullet that will pull the chipmaker out of its current financial situation, The Aberdeen Group digital consumer technology analyst Peter Kastner says.

Supporting this view, Kastner cites lower than expected performance benchmarks and what he calls a ?lukewarm? reception from high-profile launch supporter IBM.

?AMD?s new 64-bit microprocessor shows a number of benchmarks that place it ahead of its competition, but not by the kind of margin that one would have anticipated between 32- and 64-bit architectures,? Kastner says. ?The issue at hand is whether AMD?s 64-bit microprocessor can gain a measurable segment of the Intel compatible 32-bit server market?.

(Emphasis mine.)

So a "digital consumer technology" analyst is evaluating the server market, and basing the difference between the 32-bit and 64-bit markets on benchmark performance. He actually pits the Opteron against the Xeon.

Where will it end? Can any of these so-called think tanks come up with anyone who actually knows what they're talking about? Does the Aberdeen Group lack a digital server technology analyst? Was the white-robed priest on vacation? Please.

He can go run Oracle on a Xeon and then an Opteron, and get back to me. Someone will probably have to tell him what Oracle is, first.


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    Whoa, Amorph! Bringing the noise! 8)

    (And no, I have absolutely nothing constructive to add. )
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