Do the Cinema Displays work for non-apples?

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Im looking at the 23 inch and I want to know if it works for non-apple computers... anyone know? Also, would it dual monitor with a 17 inch powerbook, if so how would that work?




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    ringoringo Posts: 328member
    Yes in both cases. Make sure the PC has a DVI video card.

    You'll need to buy one of them fancy-pants DVI to ADC adapter things that combines the 3 wires (DVI, USB and power) together. They're not cheap, but It sounds like you can afford it.
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    escherescher Posts: 1,811member
    Logan: Search the Peripherals forum on MacNN for instructions on how to do it. I seem to remember that you need a small piece of software for the PC to recognize the resolution (at least with the 20" ACD). It's also unclear whether you can adjust brightness when the ACD is connected to the PC.

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