where to buy mac compatible software and peripherals in the uk?

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can anyone recommend either online uk sites or highstreet shops that will sell things that work with macs?

particulary i've had problems finding out if certain peripherals are mac compatible, with shops just not knowing. is there a list online anywhere of products that do definetly work? or of companies who make mac compatible or specifically mac peripherals?


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    gargoylegargoyle Posts: 660member
    George Henry Lee (ahem, I mean John Lewis) stores have a decent apple department.
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    alpha macalpha mac Posts: 463member
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    retrograderetrograde Posts: 503member
    Always a good starting point for this is to run down to your local WH Smith or newsagent and pick up a copy of MacUser magazine (my personal favourite) or even MacFormat or MacWorld. There are plenty of online resellers advertising products for Macs in there as well as lists of other Mac services.

    I've personally had good service from MacWarehouse as well as Cancom and have bought occasional bits from Apple Centres/Apple Authorised Repair Centres which happen to be dotted about the UK.

    Although generally a bit pricey for third party peripherals you can always purchase Mac compatible hardware/software from Apple directly. You can be guaranteed that if Apple sells it on their store that it will work with your mac

    Good luck
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