Quick way to delete dead links in iTunes?

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Is there some quick way to get rid of dead links (music files that cannot be found) in iTunes? Something quicker than selecting every damn one individually?


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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    damn that page needs to be updated!

    iTunes 2.0.3 and 10.1?! thats like more then a year ago!!
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    dougadamsdougadams Posts: 3member
    The script referred to above is Super Remove Dead Tracks. It searches your entire Library for for tracks that are no longer available on the local drive (as indicated by a "!" next to their names) and removes them from the playlists. Any playlists that subsequently contain no tracks will then also be deleted.

    Also, List MIAs checks your entire iTunes Library for missing (and presumed "dead") tracks?those that iTunes is unable to associate with a local file and which are listed in iTunes with a "!". The script then creates a text file listing each Playlist and any tracks MIA, which you can view using TextEdit.

    Oh, and thanks for asking. This is my first post here. Great forum!


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