Multiscan on a Canon N676U Scanner

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I scan thousands of pictures a year for various school projects. I have discovered on my Canon N676U that there is a multiscan option. This option scans a whole page full of photos and then sorts them out into individual files.

The problem... I rarely have luck with the scanning software dividing up more than two pictures. Three small ones of the same size work ok sometimes. I have the latest Canon drivers. Scanning two at a time is still faster than scanning 5 or 6 and dividing them up by hand, though.

The question... I see that most of the newer Canon scanners have this multiscan in their description. Do you think if I bought a newer more expensive Canon scanner that the multiscan would work better? Or do you think that the multiscan software would be the same for all the different levels of scanners?


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    mmmpiemmmpie Posts: 628member
    I think that the canon software is just shite.

    The multiscan doesnt work at all for me, ever.

    It didnt work in the beta TWAIN drivers.

    And it doesnt work in the useless proprietary release drivers.

    Unlike my canon camera and my canon video camera, Im very unhappy with my canon scanner. Ill never recommend one to anyone.
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    nericksonnerickson Posts: 20member
    Well, I have really nothing to compare the Canon to in terms of scanning. I had a SCSI scanner years ago that was so slow I wanted to kill someone.

    This Canon (N676U) is pretty quick and provides nice scans for what I use it for... mainly scanning photos for use in iMovie and Final Cut Express and then doing the Ken Burns movement stuff (um, I don't use the built in KB effect, I use a separate program or use FCE to do it).

    To me it would be worth upgrading if the multiscan worked better. What about another brand scanner? Anybody know of an Epson or HP or something that scans more than one picture at a time and separates them??

    Another thing.... I can only use this Canon with Photoshop. Truthfully I haven't tried it with Graphic Converter in awhile but it used to not work. Do all OS X scanners have to use photo shop?
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