Apple I-Movies downloads?

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I wonder how long it will before we can purchase movies / TV programs online and download them via Apple in a similar way to their new online music store.....

It would allow us non DVD Apple users to still see movies either hooked up to a TV or directly on the computer monitor..

Might be a good move business wise for Apple...?

I wonder if they're thinking about it....? \


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    ghost_user_nameghost_user_name Posts: 22,667member
    I'll be the first to point out that it's iMovie, not I-Movie. Big difference.

    Regarding your idea, though, I can't see this being plausible any time soon. Even with MPEG-4 being available in QT6, a single full-size movie is still going to take hundreds upon hundreds of megabytes. Sure, Apple has a pretty strong infrastructure for mass file distribution, but something like this should push way beyond what Apple and Akamai can provide.

    Besides that, selling movies doesn't fit anywhere in Apple's curent business model. Music made sense because it already had the #1-selling MP3 player: the iPod and a good, free music player: iTunes. Furthermore, selling music still fite with the "Rip. Mix. Burn." campaign that still emphasizes user-control over what he or she wants to hear. Movies are on a completely different level. There are no movie players except the actual Macs themselves. There is no software (and not really much a need, either) for "remixing" movies. How many people really would try to fit, say, two different movies on a single DVD? The number should be far less than the number of people that want to pick-and-choose the music for a CD.

    I think the only people *right now* that would seriously be interested in a move like this would be the warez pirates and DVD crackers. The demand outside of that group just isn't around, as far as I can tell.
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    aquafireaquafire Posts: 2,758member
    Thanx for your correction though I deliberately tried to distinguish between Apple's iMovies & the latter issue...

    I was reading about Starz & other companies looking to hook up Via ADSL & using currently available compression rates to minimise download times.....

    Maybe the technology & speed isn't there yet, but I wonder if Apple is giving some serious thought to this area...sure its a long way off at present rates...but things have an ability to move on at incredible rates..look at Digital cameras..most were a joke ( or ultra-expensive ) a few years ago but look at them !

    By the way, Sony is researching the internet movie business as are other the future remains to be seen...

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