Interest-free financing at Apple UK

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MacWorld UK is reporting that Apple UK is offering interest-free financing on certain Macs. Promotions like that have ben a very good indication of the imminent arrival of new systems. I wonder whether Apple US will start running a similar promotion soon.

Edit: The promotion is called Put a Spring in Your Step and ends June 15, a week before WWDC (which begins June 23).



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    That thing where you can get a price reduction on your hardware, if a newer version appears a few days later, is that 7 days or 10 days?
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    retrograderetrograde Posts: 503member
    That is a very nice offer for anyone currently needing to buy a new Mac and one that I would have gladly taken had my iBook been unrepairable. It looks like it is an offer that can only be taken out through Apple Authorised Resellers and not through Apple's own online store?

    A quick browse through a couple of the online reseller stores didn't show me anything about the offer so perhaps it is something that one needs to telephone about. Unfortunately Apple doesn't mention what machines are covered by the offer and perhaps it may be the situation that different resellers offer different computer deals depending on stock.

    But it is certainly interesting how the end date almost coincides with WWDC... makes me want to know all the more what machines are offered for 0% financing and what ones aren't....
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    lemon bon bonlemon bon bon Posts: 2,383member
    The kind of offer where you jump off a bridge when you realise Apple stiffed you and release a 970 Powermac a week later...

    Lemon Bon Bon
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