Ext HD won't turn on

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I've got an external FW LaCie HD. it got knocked off my desk and fell about 2.5 ft. It seemed fine at first, then the power went off. IT then would not turn back on...except after a couple minutes and a little jiggling, it did come back on and seems to be ok. Any idea what could be up? What should be checked into?

And also, how much would a new FW enclosure cost? Cause that got a bit broken.


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    thuh freakthuh freak Posts: 2,664member
    theres a strong possibility of data loss, or data corruption, particularly if the hard drive was spinning at the time. you should investigate any important files, make sure they work, back them up, and possibly reformat that drive. normally i wouldn't think too much of dropping it a bit here and there, but if there was actually case damage, then its probably a bit more severe. the fact that "jiggling" was required implies that something may not be in place inside the case, which leaves the possibility that whatever is out-of-place is sitting unnecessarily close to the disc and scratching/messing with it.
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