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I just got a new 15GB iPod and there are certain songs where it will consistently skip to the next song on a certain part of the mp3. There are at least 2 songs that it does this for that I can remember the names of. Your Body Is a Wonderland - John Mayer and To Zanarkand - FFX OST. The first skips to the next song with 4 minutes left and the latter skips with about 10 minutes left. Is this a bug in the iPod software or something? Should I re-rip the songs or something? This sucks because I don't know what songs it will do this on until I find them, and I have ~4.5GB of music currently on my iPod.


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    shetlineshetline Posts: 4,695member
    I have a new 30GB. I've probably listened to it for around 20 total hours now, and haven't had any problems yet. It's hard to guess whether your problem is with the particular songs or with your iPod itself. Re-ripping is definitely worth the try as an experiment.
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    pyr3pyr3 Posts: 946member
    I think I found the problem, at least in the John Mayer song. There is a 'skip' in the mp3. I've encountered these a looooong time ago. Pre-napster, actually. Somehow the mp3 gets corrupted during file transfer and there is a 'skip' or 'blank spot' where there is supposed to be music. I didn't find one of these in the FFX track though.
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    pyr3 you are correct. I too have had that problem on occasion. An 'oopsed' mp3 will skip in certain players (my iTunes does it to 3 of my billion songs so I'm not too concerned) re-ripping (or downloading if you are into that) should fix it for ya. *but then again you already figured this out*
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    nx7oenx7oe Posts: 198member
    The problem is that the new firmware for the new ipod skips broken mp3's in an effort to reduce piracy.

    Since P2P downloads usually do this (Broken Files), apple Thinks that it can help reduce piracy.

    It happened to me with Longview from Greenday.

    My own personal opinon.
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