usb mice for ibook?

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i'm quite keen to get a trackball mouse for my ibook.

so far i've only found massive great hulks and good ones that unfortunately only come in ps/2.

particularly i like the TRUSt ami handtrack (which you can see on but again thats ps/2.

the thing that attracts me to it was that there is no need for a desk, it fits in your hand.

but i can't find any such thing thats also usb to use on my ibook.

any one got any suggestions?

i'd be really grateful if you do. i just can't find anything suitable


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    banchobancho Posts: 1,517member
    It's not a trackball but I picked up a Macally RF mouse jr. for my iBook and I'm digging it. I can use it on the arm of a chair or on the couch next to me or pretty much anywhere. It tracks nicely and the batteries seem to hold a charge for a long time. The other nice thing is that the receiver is just a small stub that pops into one of the USB ports.

    I really haven't seen any reasonably sized trackballs and definitely no travel versions. I like trackballs for the nostalgia value. I used to love playing Missile Command...
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