What price drop do you expect for G4 towers?

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That is of course, IF we will indeed see the announcement of 970 towers during WWDC (which is the timeframe I have come to believe in)?

I was wondering because each day, I am more painfully aware that my ibook 600 will not sweat it. It will give me grey hair and a heart attack at an early age. So I was wondering as to what price drop we might expect on the last of the G4 towers that have to leave the stock. I mean, you can always get a deal when a speed bump is announced, but will this processor/mobo bump mean an extra crash in price. Also, as many here, I'm wary of first rev Apple hardware, and I'm thinking I don't have the cash nor the ganas to shell out for a new 970 tower.

¡Your ideas pronto!


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    I dunno. I think the prices are 'okay'. I'm content to pick up the iMac come next revision.

    If there is a price cut don't expect more then $200.

    I expect to see a classic "more features, same price" announcment. It's more Steve's style.
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