Motorola To Cut 9,400 MORE Jobs

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8,100 in SPS (Semiconductor Product Sector).

I am not sure how many there are (were) in that sector, but this can't bode well for PowerPC production. Where do you think this leaves us for MWSF and beyond?

I hear that it is to be mostly Managers and Manufacturing...

Can't believe they can cut any more. I'm glad that I don't work there any more.

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    kidredkidred Posts: 2,402member
    Will Moto even be able to make our chips? They cut these jobs to make themselves a fab-less company to be a more atractive buy. They are trying to sell themsleves.

    If someone buys them out, is Apple in trouble? Will there be delays? Will we be stuck on 1.0ghz G4s for 3 years?
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    What they're talking about selling is their Semiconductor Manufacturing division.

    "The Register" reports they have already cut deals with TSMC and and another place to produce for them.

    You know, given how crappy their Quality Control is according to Eskimo, this may lead to higher yields on their top CPUs.
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