30GB i-Pod not showing up in source list

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
I just recently purchased the new 30GB i-Pod and was curious if anyone else is having the same issue where the i-Pod doesn't show in the source list of i-Tunes4. I was able to sync the new i-Pod and get the initial music downloaded and even setup the hard disk functionality.

The i-Pod will now show up on the Finder desktop and I can use the Hard Disk functionality but it doesn't appear in the source list of i-Tunes4 for any music features.


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    edinla43edinla43 Posts: 43member
    It should be right under either Music Store or Purchased Music and before you get to the listings of all the playlists. There's a grey triangle next to where if you click on it, all the music stored on the iPod will show up. You might have it configured for Firewire hard drive. That's weird. On page 44 of the iPod manual it says you may need to reset the iPod or reinstall the software.
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