Purely Hypothetical Disappointment

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Thinking with regard to all the buzz over the 970 being introduced and shipping within the next six months has got me thinking about alternatives to this scheme.

What if the 970 were to never end up in a Power Mac? What if it were never intended for adoption by Apple?

To think of such a scenario makes me sink into a underground, sad depression if unabated. Apple left with going-nowhere Motorola, watching the x86/Windows world establish a flagrant monopoly of the way people manage information in their lives.

What would you picture happening if we had never heard of the 970 and if Motorola were still on its languishing path?

To me, the thought is so scary that it just makes the quick, soon, and speedy introduction and delivery of Power Macs and PowerBooks with the 970 inside that much more real and probable.


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    mrmistermrmister Posts: 1,095member

    Well, that would be silly.


    If that's the case, I hope Apple realizes IBM is working on a PPC chip that has Altivec--maybe they will then come to their senses later!

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    I think that if Apple did not release the 970 there would be a lot of disapponted people and tonnes and I mean tonnes of lost sales. Just to adopt the chip would be enough to drive PM sales through the roof and would probably get a lot of pro users that switched to wintel to switch back to the mac.
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    bodhibodhi Posts: 1,424member
    Apple has to / MUST do something drastic to the Power Mac. The poor sales are killing them...and a fancy design will not do it. People demand PERFORMANCE in that machine. I am confident Apple has been very aware of this over the last year or two and will take the proper steps this year to fix the problem.
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    matsumatsu Posts: 6,558member
    Apple's getting nailed harder than an underage hooker in Vietnamese brothel, as far as PM's go. They REALLY, REALLY, need those sales. The margins on PM's are HUGE even by Apple's ridiculously inflated standards. A 1599 PM probably costs less than half what it costs to build a 1599 iMac, for instance. But with NO performance advantage, people aren't going to pay extra for expansion flexibility that ought to be available at a much cheaper price.

    Even if the 970's were available today, mac prices would still need to come down, as the desktops are simply too expensive, no matter what the performance. Otherwise, Apple will just find another situation of 2-3 months of strong sales, followed by the inevitable slump. They've lost a lot of pro customers. Pro customers who've, after waiting for months for a reasonable upgrade, finally gave up and re-invested many dollars in X86 and all the required apps. Winning them back now is going to take more than marginally better performance at very high price. They're going to need very strong financial reasons to "switch-back"
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    bungebunge Posts: 7,329member

    Originally posted by Matsu

    Even if the 970's were available today, mac prices would still need to come down, as the desktops are simply too expensive, no matter what the performance.

    No matter what the performance? Sometimes your rhetoric gets out of hand.

    If Apple never used the 970, an updated G4 would be good enough. That update would have to allow for higher speed memory though. If it could match the bandwidth of the 970, the performance out of a G4 would skyrocket. It'd still be less than a 970, but would be leaps and bounds ahead of where we are.
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